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The Amazing power of Hypnosis to Empower you to make
those big changes in your life!

  Each Monday evening, I will be offering a Group Hypnosis Session covering such topics as Daily Health, Weight Control, Tobacco Habit and other Holistic remedies.

These are small group Sessions of 6 to 8 people
and are scheduled for
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

 Monday   April21                           Weight Loss/Control    

The Center for Intuitive Guidance

Centerville, Ohio

April Session Schedule



                                                                                      Valerie L. Hoffman
                                                                         Certified Hypnotherapist, CLC, BA
                                                                National Association of Professional Women

What is Your Song?

I assist clients to create the life path that will bring joy, prosperity and health.

As a Human Resource professional, Family Counselor and Hypnotist I have seen the struggles faced by many individuals in our changing environment.

Are you facing life challenges at the moment? 

Considering making changes for the betterment in your life?
Or have questions concerning your life's journey?

Have you finally made a decision to finally stop SMOKING, lose WEIGHT or seek assistance with Stress or Pain management? Or you may have questions concerning why certain aspects of your life have been hampering your ability to move forward.

Please complete our Contact Form and we can arrange a FREE CONSULTATION and price both single Session and multi-Session pricing.

I can specifically design a program to assist you to stop smoking, Weight Lost or help you in your stress or Pain Management. I also provide other services in the areas of Anxiety, Sleep Management, Sports Holistic Healing, family and children life coaching.

Program Sessions are provided on an Individual or a Packaged basis.

CONTACT Us to schedule a free consultation.

 All information supplied if held strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Personal email addresses or information is NEVER sold.

We are now located at our NEW Offices at
Executive Offices
145 West Franklin Street
Centerville, Ohio 45459
(Lower Level Offices)

All Sessions are by Appointment
Local * Nationwide* Worldwide

Please Use our Contact Form

Would you like to know more about me? Google me at:

Past Life Regression and Forward Life Progression Sessions

Past Life Regression sessions are scheduled in person and performed locally in our office. We will be shortly scheduling off location Seminars and Workshops. Those attending one of our Seminars receive priority for open Past Life and Forward Progression individual sessions and a PRICE DISCOUNT.

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